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Post hospitalization / surgical care rehabilitation 

Patient/family education of newly diagnosed conditions 

Wound Care
(Wound Vac, Pressure / Stasis Ulcers, & Incision Treatment) 

Preferred BPCI Network Provider 

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) 

IV Infusions 

Management of Chronic Diseases


Home Health Care


Hospital To Home Program

Our Transitional Care Team can assist a patient getting ready to discharge home from the hospital. We coordinate with the Hospital and Physicians to facilitate the transition home. If the Physician is ordering Home Health Care, Dynamic can provide Home Health Care services fulfilling all Skilled Medical needs for the patient. If extra assistance is needed, our Caregiving Team can assist in arranging those services as well. The Dynamic Family of In-Home Care can provide a continuum of care from The Hospital to Home.


Hospital to Home


At Dynamic we understand that each patient has unique care needs. Our Transitional Care Team, Office Staff, and Clinicians work together to provide our patients with excellent care for their medical needs. Our Home Health Care services are performed in accordance with Physician orders and you can rest assured knowing that we are rated as a top Home Health Care Agency with The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, having a 5/5 stars rating and re-hospitalization rates well under the Nevada average. Our Home Health Care team is always available to assist as we have an On-call representative working 24 Hours a day. Proudly serving the Las Vegas Valley for over 25 years. 


(866) 951-1700 


(866) 951-1700 

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