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What to Share with a New Caregiver

how to find best elderly caregiver

Over 4.9 million patients trust home elderly caregivers agencies to provide the care they need where they want it most – at home. Choosing a new caregiver from elderly caregiver agencies can cause some anxiety and fear of the unknown. Will they know and respect your routines? Will you get along well with them?

Whether you choose a family member of one of many agencies providing qualified elderly caregivers, you can take control of the situation and improve the outcome by ensuring you communicate adequately with your new caregiver. Open communication ensures that your caregiver knows exactly what you like, want, need, and expect and decreases risk of communication. Here are the discussion points we recommend.

  1. Your Personal Goals

Why have you asked for help from a elderly caregiver agencies? Help your caregiver understand exactly what level of help you’re expecting and what level of independence you hope to maintain. If he or she knows your goals, they can help you achieve them.

  1. Your Routines

Your routines are critically important to your caregiver. If you’ve been following a certain routine for decades, it is our desire to ensure you keep that routine, which likely brings you comfort and familiarity.

What time do you wake up, go to bed, nap, and eat meals? Which routines are flexible and which routines are firm? Do you put one pant leg on first consistently or shower vs. bathe depending on the day of the week? The more your caregiver knows about your routines, the better success she will have in respecting and accommodating them.

how to find best elderly caregiver

  1. Your Dietary Preferences

Communicating to your caregiver what foods you like and dislike, as well as any food allergies or foods that don’t agree with you, allows them to provide you with nourishment that’s both satisfying and nutritious. If you have any special dietary requirements, such as a diabetic diet or heart-healthy diet, let them know that, too.

  1. Bathroom Needs

Do you need any assistance using the bathroom? Are you able to get onto and off the stool without help? Do you suffer from bowel or bladder incontinence, and if so, do you need any assistance managing it? Many of our clients are uncomfortable discussing their bathroom needs, and we understand how you feel. We aim to provide an empathetic and helpful hand and strive to make you as comfortable sharing your needs as possible.

  1. Activities

Whether you’re preparing a caregiver from elderly caregiver agencies to provide care for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to share information regarding their favorite activities. This can help the caregiver engage in and promote activities that enrich your life at home.

  1. Friends and Family

Who do you like to visit with on the phone or in person? Who can your caregiver call when you’re feeling lonely or would like company and how can he or she contact them? Do you have any regular visitors, and if so, how are they, when do they stop by, and do you ever choose not to visit with them?

  1. Medications

One of the most important things to communicate is your medication dosing and schedule. The best way to communicate is through a printout of your current prescriptions and instructions, which you can usually obtain from the pharmacy. This can avoid miscommunication and potentially serious medication errors. It’s also important to share where you store your medications and which medications you take for common ailments like headaches, colds, and upset stomach.

Meeting with your caregiver in advance to communicate as openly and honestly as possible is the best way to prevent communication barriers and misunderstandings. Most important, it establishes a relationship based on transparency and gives the caregiver permission to ask questions to ensure your needs are being met. For more help discussing your needs with a elderly caregiver agencies, contact us at Dynamic Home Care today!