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Reasons People Put off Planning for in-Home Care for Seniors

For a variety of reasons, many Americans fail to adequately plan for the latter stages of their lives and the possibility of needing long-term or in-home care for seniors. Despite awareness campaigns, people seem reluctant to think about or even plan for the possibility that they or a loved one will need care due to the natural aging process or an unforeseen medical event.


Obviously, it’s not the most enjoyable of thoughts and efforts. However, what would be worse is being caught off guard and having to make a quick decision about care. Sometimes, preferred courses of action are not a possibility because of the costs involved. However, planning ahead of time could have made this one less obstacle to navigate.


Some of the following issues impede progress in planning for long-term or in-home care:


  • Cost — Many avoid the topic because they see long-term care as too complicated and expensive to be feasible. However, with enough planning, costs don’t seem as daunting when saving begins early.
  • Too busy — Many blame lack of time to start planning for nursing home, assisted living or in-home care. Yet a crisis situation can happen at any time. And often this time period approaches more quickly than one thinks.
  • Denial — The idea that it won’t happen or be needed for you or a loved one is a common thought.  It’s better to be safe than sorry. And with older generations living longer thanks to better health care options, it’s probably more appropriate to plan on needing some sort of assistance.
  • Reliance — People sometimes rely on assumptions that family members will naturally take care of them. Few understand the heavy toll caregiving can take on family members who must deal with the emotional, financial and physical burdens of such a process. Often, skilled nursing assistance or registered nurse would be better equipped to handle the various needs involved with senior care.
  • Questions — Many don’t know where to look or how to start planning for long-term care or in-home care. Dynamic Nursing invites you to call our skilled specialists to help answer your questions about in-home care.


It’s important to plan ahead because you maintain control over the situation. Family members will be on the same page when it comes to health care decisions. Stress will be taken out of the equation so family can focus on quality of care — not how to provide it properly.