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Healthcare Issues for the New Year

The New Year means new issues facing the healthcare sector as the industry moves into a more consumer-centric and digitally aided focus. The following will likely pop up this year as the industry fluctuates and caters to consumers:

  • Baby Boomers are retiring. The economy is slowly recovering. Businesses and insurance companies are trying to find unique ways to attract and retain Millennials. This generation is the next wave of healthcare consumers.


  • Patients want convenience. They’ll be adopting digital platforms and services to help them collect and interpret personalized data about their health.


  • Patients will be adopting more approved portable medical equipment to bring into their homes. This is an attempt make it easier to diagnose and to treat any conditions. However, this will mean that there is a need for efficient security measures to protect patients’ data.


  • Wearable technology that is linked to mobile apps on cellphones is becoming more advanced and useful for detection and prevention. U.S. doctors and patients are welcoming these new personal medical trackers.


  • The newly insured will reveal just what their needs are. This will change programs and alter marketing strategies.


  • Watch for physician “extenders.” They will become a first line of care for many.


  • New collaborative platforms as well as non-traditional partnerships will challenge traditional healthcare companies to perhaps change and adapt to new strategies.


  • Higher costs for patients will create new opportunities for others to offer creative care delivery.

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