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4 Imperative Questions to Ask When Finding an In-home Care Provider

If your loved one has fallen ill or is need of long term care, in-home care could be the best option for their treatment. In-home care services allows loved ones to live in the comfort of their own home, while still ensuring that they’re healthy and well taken care of. If you’re ready to enlist the help of in-home care, knowing the right questions to ask can be important to your loved one’s health.

Here are four steps to finding an in-home care provider:  

Are your services regulated by state?

It’s important to find out if in-home care services are regulated by the state. Most states require in-home care providers to be licensed by the state and are also required to go through annual reviews. These reviews should be available by request through the state health department.

What qualifications, experience, and certifications are required by in-home care providers?

Ask for the qualifications of the in-home care company and its employees. Make sure employees have gone through a thorough screening process and background check. Find out the type of training provided and ensure they have proper degrees and certifications.

What differentiates a particular in-home care provider?

Before choosing an in-home care provider, it’s essential to ask what differentiates them from other providers. In-home care companies should genuinely care about their patients’ needs and be on call 24 hours a day to assist with any emergencies. Additionally, in-home care companies should have patient’s privacy in their best interest and ensure that they adhere to all federal and state privacy of personal health guidelines.

Can in-home care companies provide references?

Great in-home care companies will have many references of patients and clients who have used their services before. They should be able to provide references and the names and numbers of people who have used their services and benefited from them.

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