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Social Life for Seniors: Why in Home Care Giving Services are Best

How are In-Home Care Giving Services Better Than Assisted Living Facilities?

The way most elder care is set up in nursing care homes and assisted living facilities has as much to do with safety as continuous medical treatment and supervision. In fact, because 75 percent of accidental deaths in seniors over 65 years old, nursing homes and other elder care giving services will often restrict free movement in mobility challenged seniors to prevent accidental falls.

Senior Social Life

Seniors well enough and functional enough to qualify for in-home professional care services have an advantage of staying more active with a senior health professional accompanying them where ever they need to go as well as providing services like taking care of tasks our elders are no longer physically able to handle safely.

Staying in the Neighborhood with In Home Elder Care

Seniors who want to stay in their own homes for as long as they are able to live independently often have friendships, neighbors, and activities they have been involved with for many more years. If a bit of safety remodeling in a senior’s home, widening access for wheelchair use around the whole house, support bars in the bathroom, as well as a walk-in tub, emergency alert system accessible in all rooms, and safety appliances all give seniors an advantage in their daily lives.

Saving Money During Retirement with Elder Care

Care Giving Services in the home cost less than the monthly fees of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Even saving just a few dollars by retrofitting a seniors’ personal home to keep them safe and reduce the chance of a fall is an advantage. Seniors able to save money have lower expenses, so they can afford to spend their money on special events and more personalized outings. Professional elder care companions will help seniors stay socially connected, helping send letters to friends and family, assisting with purchasing and planning snacks for visitors, as well as transporting them to where they need to go.

Benefits of Senior Care in the Home

As this generation of retired seniors look for solutions for their in-home living needs, there are many benefits to staying in the place they have lived for a long time. Seniors are less likely to become confused or disoriented in their familiar surroundings than if they are moved into a strange environment.

In the comfort of their own home, seniors have privacy, familiar patterns for preparing meals, doing laundry and dressing, as well as physical activities. Plus when they are needing special senior care services, their In-Home senior care professional will prepare their meals, make sure they are taking their medication correctly and regularly, and they are observing if the senior is experiencing and physical or psychological changes.

Dynamic Nursing In Home Care professionals also report to the family and the senior’s physician if there is anything going on that needs additional care or other options. Professional senior care companions have resources that they can suggest to families to help keep the quality of life for their loved ones at its best. From assisting with Thanksgiving Dinner to providing visitations when seniors are in the hospital, each Dynamic Nursing Professional is skillfully aware of the needs of their seniors.

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