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Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Senior Care and Assisted Living

Assisted Living Is More Expensive Than In Home Senior Care

When seniors are beginning to slow down, maybe experiencing some forgetfulness, maybe could use help getting to medical and dental appointments, they are still healthy enough to continue to live in their own homes, but just need a little reliable help. In these circumstances, it is not necessary for families of seniors to rush into moving them into an assisted care facility. If it is the goal of your healthy senior to remain independent for as long as possible, a simpler, more economical option is having a senior care companion to help your senior to perform their daily living tasks.

Unknown Things Senior Care

Assisted Living is for Seniors with Medical Needs and Full-time Nursing Care

If your senior just needs a reminder to take their medications, or just a little help setting up their weekly medication organizer, a professional senior companion can help them stay healthy in their own home. Even if your senior needs oxygen, or some medical monitoring, home health nursing care is a safe way to allow senior with non-critical medical needs to get skilled supervision in their own home. Many seniors prefer to remain in their own homes and have a nurse visit them a few times a week. This option offers them the freedom and quality of life of a more independent living style until the full-time nursing care program becomes essential.

Only 9 percent of Seniors Prefer to Move into Assisted Living Care

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, AARP, when asked early on what type of living arrangements they would prefer, 9 percent of seniors would prefer to live in a full-time, assisted living facility, 4 percent would like to life in a relative’s home, and over 90 percent feel they would like to “age in place”, using the services of a home health companion and skilled medical staff that visit the senior in their home when needed.

It Takes Time to Find the Best Assisted Care Community for Your Loved One

Families that need to help their seniors make decisions about senior health care and nursing homes should not rush into a decision. Because elder care facilities vary in services and structure from one end of the spectrum to the other, it takes some time to find the most appropriate caregiving services for your senior’s needs. While looking into financial arrangements to cover monthly rents of $3,000 to $8,000 per month, depending on the style and quality of care provided, your senior could be getting in-home senior living care appropriate to their physical, emotional, and safety needs.

Assisted Living Facilities Provide Group Living and 24-7 Nursing and Medical Care

Until a senior becomes bedridden, chronically or seriously ill, or is advancing with Alzheimer’s or memory dysfunction to the point where it is dangerous for them to continue living in their own home, it may not be necessary to have 24-7 paid staff looking after your senior loved one. Seniors are concerned with their privacy, independence, and the ability to get around on their own times schedules for as long as possible. Having a professional elder care companion to escort them to appointments, senior events and even to pay bills and shop is more convenient than group living accommodations.

Culturally Diverse Assisted Living Facilities Have a Variety of Programs

Seniors who lose the ability to be ambulatory, needing wheelchairs or eventually bedridden will benefit from Assisted Living Communities because they often provide various religious denominational programs and activities. This is a wonderful option for seniors who need an assisted senior living program. When seniors are still very self-sufficient, professional senior care in-home services like Dynamic Care provide companions to take seniors to their religious programs and assist them in-home with whatever they need.

Long-Term Assisted Living Care Insurance is Available for Senior Care

Until your senior requires full-time medical care and supervision, financial benefits like long-term assisted living care insurance should be prepared for and included in their financial plan for the future, but while senior living in their own home is working, using all the alternative senior care safety products, emergency alert system, and professional in-home care coverage is cost-effective and beneficial.

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