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Senior Care : Making Public Space Friendy for Seniors

Our world is full of people who are young, old, fast, slow, tall, short, and an unending list of other characteristics, and we all share the same space. To turn any public space into an environment that everyone can use and enjoy, you should employ the assistance of a personal care attendant, assess how people move through the space, keep the environment under control, and take steps to mitigate the impacts of the weather on outdoor spaces. Dynamic Nursing provides personalized senior care in sherman oak, california for your loved ones

Enlist the Assistance of a Personal Care Attendant

A helping hand for your loved being at the right place in a moment of need can overcome accidents and help prevent them from occurring. A personal care attendant can be assigned to the public space, turning them into a watchful eye that can help your guests in the moment and help you continue to improve the accessibility of the space over time. If you cater to guests with particular medical needs, look for care attendants with experience in nursing.

Mobility in Mind

Seniors are more likely than most to have disabilities that impair their movement, and encountering a space that places undue burden onto them can cause the impairment to increase by as much as 300%. To make sure that your public space works with people of all mobility levels, assess the entryways into the space and the possible pathways through the area. Add ways for those in wheelchairs to bypass obstacles like stairs or escalators, and try to create walkways wide enough for two wheelchair-bound occupants to pass by each other without causing congestion.

Clean and Comfortable

Your surroundings can aid your growth or lead to sickness, and this is a more pressing concern for those of us with weakened immune systems, buildups of contaminants from past exposure, and other medical issues that seniors commonly experience. Keep the area free of debris, trash, and pollutants, especially along the walkways. Try to opt for a moderate temperature that will make most people comfortable, and including an air filtration system to pluck out the contaminants that can work their way into any environment can reduce the risk of infections in your guests.

Outdoor Options

Taking in a breath of fresh air can be satisfying to the soul, but it also exposes you to the elements of the weather which can range from icy rains to stifling heat. If your public space is in an outdoor area, include shelters that can provide shade from the sun or keep precipitation from falling directly on the heads of your guests. Add signs that point the way towards indoor areas and the nearest restrooms, and ensure that there is proper lighting covering every walkway.

Keep at It!

While no space can be perfectly safe and designed in a way that works for everyone, it is up to all of us to continue working to improve the environment so that people, from infants to seniors, can exist together in harmony and comfort. For expert advice on converting your space and finding an attendant who can provide nursing, senior care in Sherman oaks and elderly care, contact Dynamic Nursing today!

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