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How We Help Seniors Succeed at Exercise and Strength Gaining

The American Family Physiciansays that exercise is one of the most positive ways to improve health. So as people who […]
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Readjusting to Life at Home

Leaving from a stay in a hospital, nursing home, or another senior living center can be a liberating and wonderful […]
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Senior Care – How a Senior Living Advisor Can Help

There comes a time when families face that dreaded conversation that goes something like, “Your parent should no longer live […]
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How Senior Living Terminology has Changed Over the Years

Over the years, the most common terms associated with senior living have evolved and changed. Understanding not only the appropriate […]
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Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Senior Care and Assisted Living

Assisted Living Is More Expensive Than In Home Senior Care When seniors are beginning to slow down, maybe experiencing some […]
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Social Life for Seniors: Why in Home Care Giving Services are Best

How are In-Home Care Giving Services Better Than Assisted Living Facilities? The way most elder care is set up in […]
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10 Things a Home Health Caregiver Can Do for Your Loved One

Caregivers play a vital role in the lives of elderly or disabled persons who wish to remain at home. While […]
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6 Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs More Help

Most seniors (90%, according to the AARP) want to live at home for as long as possible, and for good […]
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Long Term Elderly Care Realities

Long term elderly care for your loved one means that your world will change. You will devote your time and […]
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Should We Keep Our Elderly Out of Mainstream Society Once They Need Custodial Care?

Providing personal care for the elderly does not have to mean segregating elders in a nursing home facility. While it […]
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